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UniversalStudy has linked with numerous letting specialists throughout the country to provide accommodation finding service to students studying in the UK, we have access to thousands of properties in the country.


UniversalStudy specializes in three areas regarding accommodation:

  1. New students

    A tailored property finding service for new students coming to the UK.

    Student accommodation is a term used in debates over the impact of student housing in the United Kingdom, especially with regard to the recent expansion of numbers in higher education. As increasing numbers of young people attend universities, institutionally-owned halls of residence (often just called halls) have become increasingly incapable of coping with the demand for housing. At the same time, house-sharing has become considered a normal and sometimes desirable part of the student experience. In most university towns today, students only stay in halls for their first year, then move out into private student accommodation.

    In many towns, this trend has led to the emergence of student areas. These tend to be low-rent areas which are situated near to city centres, and often have plenty of leisure facilities (e.g. pubs, cinemas, bowling alleys) within walking distance.

    Universalstudy can arrange all type of accommodation for students such as , hall of residence , hostfamilies , private accommodation and sharing accommodation to suite new arrival student.

  2. Graduates

    A friendly and supportive service for graduate students who would want to extend their stay in the country.

  3. Short term lettings

    A convenient, cheaper and hassle-free alternative to a hotel or serviced apartment for up to six months .

    A SHORT TERM LET by definition is any letting which is less then a 6 months. Generally a Landlord will charge more for a short let as they do not have the ongoing guarantee of income from the rent for the extended term of a lease. There are generally two types of SHORT LET’s. The first is general flats/studios/flatshares where the Landlord is willing to do a Short Let. This type of Let is NOT BOOKABLE and depends on what is available at the time you are looking. The Deposit and Rent in Advance varies but can be as little as One Week’s Deposit PLUS One Week’s Rent in Advance.

    The second type of SHORT LET properties that Flatland offers are the more expensive Luxury Serviced Apartments. This type of Short Let is BOOKABLE in advance and generally can be regarded as an alternative facility to booking a Hotel.


UK Office

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Tel: +44 (0) 1273 900218
Mob: +44 (0) 7922 571797
Email: info@universalstudy.co.uk