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Academic Studies

We represent a wide range of Universities and Institutions worldwide. Our students are guaranteed entry into prestigious universities after they have successfully completed their university preparation programmers.


Our Advisory Service includes:

  1. Application for new students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degree worldwide

    Universalstudy provides the University admission service through its affiliated universities and other universities that our office represents.

    An undergraduate degree is your first degree. It’s a course of study that gives a thorough grounding in a field or subject and usually takes three years of full time studying to complete.

    Part time studying can take longer. If you are finishing your A Levels or Foundation, you will need to apply for an undergraduate degree. On successful completion, you will be awarded a Bachelors degree. Depending on your subject, you will be awarded either a BA (Bachelor of Arts), BSc (Bachelor of Science), LLB (Bachelor of Laws), or BEng (Bachelor of Engineering).

    A postgraduate degree allows you to further explore a subject to attain a high level of proficiency, with an opportunity for independent study. Postgraduate degrees can be taught courses or research based. Taught courses usually take one year’s full time study to complete after which you get awarded a Masters degree (MA, MSc, MEng, etc.) based on your subject of study. Research degrees get awarded BPhil, MPhil, PhD based on the level of study.

  2. Application for students to study any type of English courses

    As a language English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. With some of the largest and economically strongest countries having adopted it as their native tone of tongue. For this reason many non English speaking students are choosing to learn English, to have this as a second language offers a huge advantage in the business world. A second language means more career advancements as well as opportunities.

    Studying the language will never be better unless it is through our schools. Where you can choose from the big number of partner language schools we are offering. Universalstudy also will assist you to choose the most suitable school based on your needs.

    At Universalstudy we are only too aware how important it is to learn English, be it for business, education or the sheer pleasure of being able to communicate with different people and cultures.

    We offer English courses for all needs and budgets in some 30 locations worldwide

  3. Application for students to study in college courses such as A level, Pre-GCSE and GCSE.

    Academic Courses are designed for those students who wish to study various academic subjects with the eventual aim of attaining a place at a university, in the UK or overseas.

    Academic Courses are divided into three main bodies. Younger students (minimum age 14) concentrate on preparation for GCSE/IGCSE examinations. At the higher level (minimum age 16) students work towards either the traditional ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level qualifications or the specialist University Foundation Programmes, both of which lead directly to university entry.

    The College operates a three-term academic year, running from September to June. Students begin courses in either September or January. April entry is available for pre-sessional English courses. Entry at other times is strictly at the Principal’s discretion, normally subject to additional tuition.


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