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About UniversalStudy About UniversalStudy

UniversalStudy is a professional education counselor for students wanting to pursue higher education worldwide. We represent major colleges/universities and Language school worldwide.

We have a large network of Universities, colleges and Language schools in the UK, Thanks to our wide range of partners, we can answer any type of enquiry: General English, Business English, Examination courses, English & Leisure activities, Family programmers, Junior holidays, English for doctors, English for teachers, University Courses such as Foundation, Degree, masters or PhD.

Over the past years we have been constantly refining our customer service technique to make sure we provide our students with all the information they may need before enrolling for their course.

Our main office is located in the United Kingdom (UK), but we are on process to have representatives in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India and Iran.

UniversalStudy aims to bridge the gap between International Students and their choice of University. Our Experienced Staff ensure a smooth and informed service during the application and admission process. Constant interaction with our associated institutions both locally and overseas has given Geeta Education a competitive edge in providing our students with up-to-date information and guidance on admissions; VISA documentation, Accommodation, Job prospects, Work placements, Work permits and the Culture/Lifestyle of the country along with advice.


UK Office

2nd Floor,5 Bartholomews,Brighton,East Sussex BN1 1HG, UK .
Tel: +44 (0) 1273 900218
Mob: +44 (0) 7922 571797
Email: info@universalstudy.co.uk