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UniversalStudy offers professional education counseling service to Middle Eastern and international students applying to study in universities, colleges and Language school worldwide.

We also provide utmost academic and welfare support for international students already in the UK to assist them to excel in their academic performance and integrate into the local community. Make an enquiry »


Academic Care

We offer utmost and professional study support to help our students to maximize their full potential in their studies. Over the past years we have been constantly refining our customer service technique to make sure we provide our students with all the information they may need before enrolling for their course.

University Application

UniversalStudy is an established and reputable organization which gives real help to international students in finding the right university worldwide. We offer advice and can enroll our students in all types of university course such as: pre-university courses (Foundation), undergraduate courses, Masters and PhD courses.

Guardian Report

We regularly monitor the academic development of students from their universities department, we regularly meet up with students to discuss issues they may encounter, and we also timely update the parents with comprehensive reports on their children.

Why is UniversalStudy different?


UniversalStudy offers fully comprehensive and impartial service to students wanting to study at any institution in the UK or worldwide.

High success rate

With years of expertise in academic and strong connection with our partnered universities, it is no surprise that we maintain a high success rate in applying for placement for our students.

Friendly support

UniversalStudy pride themselves not only with its efficiency but also friendliness, our students are from all over the world therefore we understand and respect the multidiversified cultural background of students.

Impartial advice

UniversalStudy always maintains neutral and offers the best possible advice for choices of university pertaining to the requirement of students.


UK Office

2nd Floor,5 Bartholomews,Brighton,East Sussex BN1 1HG, UK .
Tel: +44 (0) 1273 900218
Mob: +44 (0) 7922 571797
Email: info@universalstudy.co.uk